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A shoot for Dames a la Mode

14219941813_893ed1dc83_bWhen I rented some gear for my recent shoot at Fort Ticonderoga, I wanted to have a few extra days to play around with it, but couldn’t justify the extra $100 in rental fees to myself.  So, I put out a notice on my DFP facebook page, offering super cheap portrait sessions in which the price was dependent on the number of people who signed up.  If 1-2 people signed up, the price would be $75 per person, for a 60 minute shoot.  If 3+ people signed up, it would be $50 per person for the same shoot.  I don’t often go that low with my prices, but I figured that anyone who signed up would be doing me the favor of helping offset my rental costs, while I’d be doing them the favor of shooting a portrait session on the cheap.

My friend Taylor Shelby, of Dames a la Mode, took me up on the offer.  She creates 18th and 19th century-styled jewelry, which she sells through her Etsy page, and wanted some high quality shots of the jewelry being worn.  Taylor is quite beautiful herself, and ended up modeling her work like a pro.  We did the shoot less than 100 yards from her apartment, in a park around the corner.  Since the shoot had to be done after she got home from work, there wasn’t much nice sunshine to work with, but it was also overcast, which meant that the colors were very true to life.

The photos above are only a small sample of what I did during the shoot, but I figured I would post the ones that were more portraits than product shots.

I also took the opportunity to take some photographs that I will later use to illustrate a couple reflector lighting techniques in a blog post somewhere down the line.  Taylor was such a great subject, and the lighting was so great, that I couldn’t resist.  Keep an eye out for the post soon!

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