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Old Works, New Life

When I start to go cross-eyed from working on a particular project for too long, my go-to “productive procrastination” activity is to go back and re-edit some of my older works.  I’ve been doing nothing but wedding photos for awhile now, so yesterday I decided to go back and re-edit some old shots of Marc’s WWI French reenacting unit, from back in 2011.

Typically when I do re-edits, I do it to photos that I feel were sub-par or that I could now edit better.  These photos were a challenge because these were done well the first time, and in fact a few of them are in my portfolio and are among my best work.  As such, I decided not to try and “one-up” my previous efforts, but to instead give the shots a different look.  I really like the way these came out, so I felt I should share them.  I ended up doing two versions of most of the images, one using a black and white processing method, and the other using a color method.  I hope that you enjoy them, and take this as an example that photographs are not immutable objects – they can always be remade.

First the black and white:

And now the color:

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