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Guinea Pig Session: Taylor

Every once in awhile when I’m trying to learn or practice a new technique, I invite a friend over for a “guinea pig” session.  In exchange for the fact that they have to put up with much more fiddling around with my camera and general informality than I have in a portrait session, they get a couple free shots out of the deal.

In the case of this shoot, I wanted to practice using fill flash in low light for a shoot I have coming up later in the week, so I invited my friend Taylor to come over.  You may remember her from the jewelry shoot I did for her company, Dames A La Mode, a couple months ago. We took a few shots out behind my apartment just after sunset, and a few inside as well, to see how everything worked in different environments. I really like the way some of them came out, so I figured that I would post a couple. Enjoy.

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