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Alexandria, VA - 703-380-3786

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img_5331-2I come from a background in photojournalism which informs my personal style, but I have worked with all sorts of different clients on many different types of shoots, from traditional wedding photography to travel editorials to PR for museums.  I’m available both for local shoots as well as those that require travel, and I have a studio in my house for those requiring something more formal.

Given the unique nature of every shoot, I prefer not to give a quote until I’ve spoken with a client personally, so that I can take all the various factors of the shoot into account in order to provide the best service I can at the best price I can offer.  Every shoot is different, and I want to provide the best price I can to suit both our needs.

If you’re interested in hiring me, please use my contact page or email me at driftingfocus@gmail.com